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, An Expert in Creative Organized Spaces


Meet Kristen,

a seasoned creative professional driven by a lifelong passion for design, styling, planning, and meticulous organization.

Kristen's journey began in childhood, where a methodical and creative approach was evident in activities like lining up shoes and labelling the family pantry.


With over 8 years of experience in events, design, administration, and planning across diverse industries, Kristen seamlessly translated her childhood love for organization into a versatile skill set. Kristen takes pride in providing unique support to clients, blending creativity with structured planning to seamlessly integrate artistic vision and practicality.


Dedicated to supporting both home and business needs, Kristen brings a wealth of experience to every project. Mastery in both creativity and organization ensures that complex projects are managed efficiently, enhancing ease of life and success for every client.

As an independent and self-motivated professional, Kristen thrives on collaboration, continuously seeking new and innovative ways to achieve client goals. Beyond the professional realm, find Kristen immersed in design at home good places, practicing yoga for a balanced mindset, and re-arranging, designing, and organizing her own home.


Kristen's commitment to creativity, aesthetics, and organization is not just a professional journey but a lifelong dedication that began in childhood, transforming spaces into harmonious, visually stunning, and efficiently organized environments.

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Lazy Susan


Professional organizer


Starbucks Caramel Macchiato

Home Sense


Cool Ranch Doritos





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Red Deer County, AB


Red Deer, AB  |  Vancouver, BC

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