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We're here to help you create spaces that inspire and uplift you. Whether you're looking to declutter, organize, or revamp your home or office, we're committed to transforming your space into a haven of serenity and functionality.



To transform your spaces into havens of serenity and functionality,

where you can not only relax but also thrive.

I believe that when your physical surroundings are harmonious and uncluttered, it opens up space in your life for clarity, creativity, and endless possibilities.


Steps to get organized

1. Book a consult

Let's chat about your project and get to know each other! 

Book your consult HERE

2. Receive a Proposal

After we have chatted and assessed your needs. We will send a proposal/agreement for your review. 

3. Schedule your service

After the agreement and deposit is paid, we will book your session(s)! 

4. Transform your haven

We will get to work to transform your digital and physcial  spaces into havens of serenity and functionality.

Our Projects

Client Testimonials

When I was drowning with overwhelming tasks,

Kristen stepped in to take control of many projects on my plate. Her resourcefulness and her tech-savvy approach brought a new level of efficiency to my business. What sets Kristen apart is her “can do” attitude to tackle diverse tasks and projects.

If you're looking for someone who is not only organized, tech-savvy, and resourceful but also genuinely dedicated to your business's well-being, Kristen is the one. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a reliable and dynamic professional to help them gain control over their workflow (and their sanity!)

to help your business reach new heights.

Adrienne Bellehumeur,

Owner of Risk Oversight,

Author of The 24-Hour Rule

Kristen, the garage organizer, was a true game-changer.

Our garage was a constant source of stress, something we'd always wanted to tackle but never quite had the motivation for. With Kristen's help, we finally committed to the task.


Her presence as a neutral third party made it easy for us to let go of items and avoid unnecessary arguments. She expertly broke down the process into manageable steps, making it far less overwhelming. Kristen's ability to listen to our needs and offer guidance where it was needed most was invaluable.


Her innovative suggestion to use the attic for storage was a brilliant solution we hadn't considered. Now, our garage is organized, efficient, and a space we're proud of. Kristen's expertise has made a significant difference in our lives - every time we drive in we feel lighter. We can't recommend her services enough. Thank you, Kristen!

Shannon + Stephanie

Hiring Kristen was exactly what my businesses (and personal mental health) needed! It is such a relief to feel like I have my to-do list under control. I give 5 stars for her attention to detail and initiative. She is a professional in her trade. Thank you


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